Maggie Chumbley

"Hi there! I'm Maggie and I"ll be your facilitator today." 

I'm a high energy facilitation geek who loves to use phrases like, "pedagogical choices". I explore how instructional design functions, and the role of the "facili-trainer" in our learning spaces. 

I am a facilitator, instructional designer, and consultant on organization learning and inquiry based instruction.  I use a lot of Liberating Structuresneuroscience research, and growth mindset in my approach to training and facilitation.

I especially LOVE asking, "How is participation distributed?" and, "What can we STOP doing to make room for innovation?"  :-) . 


What I Do.

 Tri-Association Annual Educators Conference- Bogota, Colombia 2015

Tri-Association Annual Educators Conference- Bogota, Colombia 2015

Facilitation, instructional design, board retreats, facilitator training and consulting for individuals, organizations and communities. 

...create strong and enduring initiatives

...teach you how to design and facilitate powerful meetings and trainings yourself

...reinvigorate workplace learning culture powerful large and small group learning events and meetings

 United World College- Global Leadership Forum

United World College- Global Leadership Forum

How I Do It.

Brain Based: I incorporate the latest neuroscience research into meeting and learning designs

Liberating Structures: I often uses these structures and am guided by these principles

Design Thinking: The Stanford model of Design Thinking greatly influences my thinking. I can teach and apply these methods.

Adult Learning: I know and apply the core principles of adult  orientations towards learning and help to develop metacognitive  and growth mindset awareness in everybody I work with. 


Maggie has helped me conceptualize and execute a daunting task while teaching me a set of skills that I can use for years to come. Maggie is not only a fantastic meeting facilitator, but she is also incredibly organized, responsive, and insightful
— Elizabeth K. , Public Health - Seattle & King County
Maggie put everyone’s voices at an equal volume. She created a space that allowed new thoughts and ideas to come to the surface. She said something that really hit me, ‘Too often, our capacity to be heard depends on how quickly we can think on our feet or how loud our voice is.’ As a quieter person, I never realized how true that was. Maggie’s facilitation allowed for the people who rarely speak up to be heard
— Lily P. - Student, University of Washington.
Maggie developed a series of workshops for me and my management team to develop our strategic goals for the year. Maggie really listened to what we wanted to accomplish and worked collaboratively to develop a series of exercises to get us there. Her leadership and facilitation of the workshop was highly engaging and elicited reactions from my team such as ‘Best training ever!’ and ‘The most useful thing I’ve learned in a long time.’
— Jim L. City of Seattle Director of Digital Engagement

 Crosscut Community Idea Lab- Seattle, WA

Crosscut Community Idea Lab- Seattle, WA

Clients and Projects

KC ph.png

Public Health Seattle and King County is building a learning network to support a group of about 80 people involved in prescribing healthy food for patients in King County who are experiencing food insecurity. The network is a a mix of healthcare providers, insurers, food banks, farmers markets, small retailers, patients, social service providers and evaluators. Maggie designed and facilitated the large public meeting to kickoff the learning Network and is consulting on convening for the core working group. 

city of seattle.png

Maggie developed a series of workshops for the City of Seattle Digital Engagement Division management team to support them to learn and apply Liberating Structures tools in order to develop our strategic goals for the year, and a more cross-functional and innovative work plan. The workshops were guided by two questions: How can we amplify the impacts of the 2018 work and start to get positioned for more innovative work for 2019-2020? And, How can we involve and engage the staff of the division in these developments? 

local food in.jpeg

King County Executive’s Local Food Initiative is a project working to connect local farms to consumers, increase access to healthy, affordable foods in underserved areas, support our farmers, and create a farm-to-plate pipeline that is more resilient to the effects of climate change. Working with the Local Food Economy Manager, Maggie is designed  and facilitated a series of extended meetings and work sessions for the high level stake holders and experts who advise the initiative, The Kitchen Cabinet.  The Kitchen Cabinet group, facilitated by Maggie, is reimagining a robust and re-focused Kitchen Cabinet asking questions like, "what needs a fresh approach?" and "what are our new priorities?"


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