An Introduction to Liberating Structures

A two-day immersion workshop+ Optional third day practice
Bozeman Montana
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Liberating Structures seriously and playfully disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together. An ever-evolving repertoire of methods makes it possible to immediately include, engage, and unleash everyone. In this workshop, participants will immerse themselves in learning 18+ of the most versatile Liberating Structures and explore how we can work together to make progress on our most chronic, entangled challenges.

In this two-day workshop you can experience individual methods, notice how each was designed, and then immediately look for opportunities to apply them in your own settings. We’ll look into the micro-organizing logic that gives all the methods a similar pattern. You will hear stories of how people are applying Liberating Structures in a variety of settings, and get experience stringing methods to meet your own purpose. More experienced Liberating Structures users will have opportunities to deepen and broaden their practice. Immersion workshops are great for unconventional networking, serious play, and skill building for anyone in a formal or informal leadership position.

On the third day, we’ll come together for a Liberating Structures Practice Session! This will be a time for consultation, practice, and experimentation with a community of practice. You’ll have the opportunity to test out new ideas, receive individual or group coaching from workshop leaders, and engage in collaborative design work. Liberating Structures Practice Session is perfect for you if you’d like more time with the LS community, help designing and preparing for an upcoming event, or just additional exposure to structures in the participant role. There will be “stations” and light structure for making the best use of our time, but this day will be predominantly self-organized. Therefore, folks are encouraged to show up with big ideas and a readiness to jump in!