Great Virtual Meetings

Working Remotely?
Collaborating Across Multiple Locations?

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There are lots of reasons to take your meetings and trainings to digital platforms.

Can online meetings be as engaging and productive as a face-to-face meetings?


I even think they can be more so.
Want to know how?


More and more of us are working remotely to promote work/life balance or collaborate with others in many locations. Virtual meetings may be something you do often, but executing them skillfully is becoming even more crucial.

Virtual meetings can be challenging. It can be difficult to integrate visuals, engage everybody, get real work done or to perceive subtle social cues. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is even talking or to move from unstructured open discussion to something more productive while online.

And yet, there are incredible tools that online platforms can give us to more efficiently understand scenarios, more equitably include all voices, quickly make information visual.

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Join me on the Zoom video platform for this 1 hour 45 min online training where you’ll learn the maneuvers, tactics, tips, methods and key elements to making online meetings graceful and productive. We’ll learn key facilitation techniques as well as the simple technical know-how to run great virtual meetings. I’m confident that you’ll discover that you can foster even more connection and efficiency online than in-person sessions. (Although I still think face to face time is essential for healthy organizations)


In this interactive live training you’ll learn to:

  • Set up your meeting or training for success before it begins

  • Utilize key features and maneuvers of the Zoom platform like breakout rooms and chat

  • Integrate other helpful synchronous work platforms like google drive

  • Understand meeting roles, functions, and tactics like co-facilitators, timekeepers, and notetakers

  • Differentiate which online platforms work best for different kinds of tasks and meetings

  • Network with other people like yourself and brainstorm ideas on how to utilize the coolest features.

  • Explore ways to take the temperature of the room online and foster crucial engagement

Join the growing number of people who are now better equipped to do their BEST work.
Add productive and efficient virtual meeting facilitation to your professional skill set

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What People Are Saying

This training is really needed
— Deborah, Private Consultant
This training helped me take what I do in office meetings and translate it to the virtual environment. Maggie taught us really useful skills and moved through the content at an efficient and engaging pace
— Elizabeth, Public Sector
I learned incredibly effective ways to foster engaging discussion and debate in the virtual space. I can apply what I learned directly to my work, immediately
— Kimberly, University Professor
Great Virtual Meetings offers the perfect combination of crucial tech skills with meeting design and facilitation methods. It was an excellent training.
— Susan, University Research and Development